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"Attending Andrea's presentation reinforced for me the importance of having conversations with my children that reflect their individuality. Her prompts are preparatory and clarifying for my high school student's transition to the college experience. They have also inspired meaningful check-ins with my older, college-aged child."

-Pine Crest parent, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Dr. Brenner delivered two outstanding presentations at Georgia Gwinnett College! One of them was for our faculty and staff, while the other was oriented to students. She shared her tips and advice with many examples throughout to clarify the content and with uplifting energy. You can see she is very knowledgeable in her field. Besides being a very experienced professional, she is a very approachable, kind, and flexible person."

-Nancy Ciudad-Simmons, Senior Bilingual Student Success Advisor

First Year Experience Instructor leading HACER

Georgia Gwinnett College


"Dr. Brenner’s presentation resonates with all parents of college-bound students. She covers academics, social life, financial planning, and strategies for long distance, efficient communication into a 60-minute, accessible presentation. Down to earth and professional - highly recommend!"

-Dan Cocco, Supervisor of School Counseling Services

Springfield Public Schools, Springfield, NJ

"I'm the parent of a HS senior and my husband and I got so much from your presentation. Your examples, scenarios and advice felt so relevant, and all of it was eye-opening. We bought your book and the card deck, and I fully expected that my daughter wouldn't want to even discuss the concepts in them until she's figured out where she's going. Instead, as soon as we got home and I told her about the list of skills you shared with us, she wanted to dig in right then and there and figure out which ones she's already mastered."

-High school parent

"This year, we were able to line up Dr. Brenner as our guest presenter for our annual Home for the Holidays webinar for families. She absolutely nailed it. With compassion, humor and clarity, Dr. Brenner walked us through the transitions and challenges for families and their students at this stage. She helped us to "get real" on topics like balancing 'family time' with 'friend time', negotiating curfews and car-sharing, and demonstrating curiosity about the adults that our students are becoming. Dr. Brenner's publications, Talking College™ products and her professional credentials brought a new level of expertise to our families and they were truly impressed. We'd highly recommend introducing Dr. Andrea Brenner to your parents and families!"

-Karyn A. Cassella
Director, New Student and Family Programs, American University

"Andrea’s presentation on Setting Expectations: Moving from a Parent Management to a Parent Education Model was phenomenal! Not only was she very knowledgeable about the topic, she made the material relatable to the college experience by using a variety of  techniques while presenting. Thank you Andrea for making learning  fun and for caring  so much about our college students!"

-Allyson Argyris

Transition Programs Coordinator, University of North Carolina Wilmington


"Dr. Brenner offers easy tips on how to step into adulthood now so that students may more fully own their college process. Her talk to teens emphasizes accountability and self-sufficiency, as the college process does indeed have a driver's seat, and the student should be in it. Dr. Brenner's talk to parents is a welcome reminder that learning to hand the baton to your child is the stuff of real empowerment."

-Jessica Henricksen

Director of College Counseling, Louise McGehee School

"Dr. Brenner’s presentation on “Helping Your Teen Build Critical Adulting Skills in High School” was very informative and a great reminder that academic preparation is only half of what our kids need to be successful in college and beyond. I especially liked the idea of parents/guardians and kids each making a list of what they think they need to know before starting college. Surprisingly, “how to do taxes” was number one on our high school senior and sophomore’s list!  This same answer came up in the presentation and while I agree it's funny, I believe it also perfectly illustrates why we should be having the conversations that Dr. Brenner focuses on in her work. I know her book and card deck of discussion prompts will be a valuable resource for us throughout this process."

-High school parent 

"We were thrilled to have Dr. Andrea Brenner back at Applerouth this summer to talk with parents of graduating seniors about the transition they are about to make alongside their children. As always, Andrea's advice was spot on--encouraging parents to think about how to approach this new role in a way that supports their children's growing independence. Everyone attending appreciated her insights and we were inundated with requests for her presentation the next day."

-Ginger Fay

Global Director of Partnerships, Applerouth Tutoring Services

“Thank you!  It was very informative. I have sent 4 kids to college.  I wish this talk had been around then.  I have a 9th grader now.  Even having had first-hand experience, there are still points Andrea made that I hadn’t thought of.  I appreciate the slides that I can bring up and go over, (which I did today) I think it would be very beneficial to high school students if she is brought into the schools to discuss this info directly with them! “

-High school parent

"Andrea is a spectacular presenter! We had over 500 families register for her webinar “How to College” as part of our webinar series. Parents left with practical tips that they could easily implement to make the transition from high school to college not only easier for their child, but for them, too. I highly recommend Andrea as a presenter!"

-Ann K. Dolin

President and Founder, Educational Connections Tutoring and Test Prep 

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Brenner’s webinar presentation! From beginning to end, she was an absolute joy to work with, and her talk provided valuable advice for my families, adding more value to my practice. I’ve already recommended Dr. Brenner to other consultants- her wealth of knowledge and approachable manner make her an incredible resource. Overall, a fantastic experience, and I hope to collaborate with Dr. Brenner again in the future!”

-Maruta Z. Vitols

Owner, A+ College Consulting, LLC


“Dr. Brenner presented to both our seniors and their parents about the sometimes fraught transition to college. The format for each audience was informative, interactive, and thought-provoking. Our students and parents were impressed with Dr. Brenner's wisdom and depth of experience; both groups left feeling more empowered to tackle this big life change!”

-Dr. Reid Cottingham

Upper School Director, The Pingry School of New Jersey


"Dr. Brenner provided the parents of my high school graduates and rising high school seniors, an hour presentation. Her ability to address an eclectic group of parents was refreshing and highly effective in covering a broad range of situations students are sure to encounter at college. Personally, throughout my interactions with Dr. Brenner, I found her to be the utmost professional, a calm skilled communicator,

whose generosity in sharing her knowledge and resources goes above and beyond one’s expectations.

I have an ally in Dr. Brenner, and I look forward to incorporating more of her college transition presentations, books, and resources, into my practice."

-Patricia A. Nehme

Certified Educational Planner, My EduAdvisor


“Andrea Brenner’s presentation to my clients was incredibly helpful, and was an asset to our clients and to our business to have an expert in college adjustment reiterate information that we have mentioned to our students all along. I definitely plan to ask Andrea to present again next year, as part of our transition to college information.”
-Wendie Lubic

Independent Educational Consultant, The College Lady

"Andrea's high-energy presentation was well-crafted, thought provoking and exceeded our expectations. Her informative and professional presentation touched on key concepts that are essential to launching your child into the college landscape. Our "Preparation for College" webinar series was greatly enhanced by Andrea's presentation. Not only did she 'bring it' on the night of the event, but she also helped some of us come up with a great graduation gift for high school seniors and their families: the book and card deck!"

-Anne Wargo

President, The College Woman's Club of Westfield, NJ

"The College Spy hosted Andrea Brenner as a speaker for parents of college bound students twice this spring. The first presentation focused on how parents can help their children build adulting skills while in high school so that they are prepared for a successful transition to college. In a supportive and encouraging manner, Andrea explained to parents that they need to make a shift from being a "high school parent" to being a "college parent." Whereas parents of college bound students often receive messages (that are difficult to accept and implement) about pulling back from their parenting role, Andrea gives her audience a new role to embrace. The other webinar was specifically focused on the transition to college for parents of neurodiverse students. Parents learned how the laws for students with learning differences differ in high school and college and how these differences affect students and parents in terms of availability of accommodations and access to student information. Andrea provided parents with information, set expectations for the transition to college and gave many practical suggestions for navigating this transition with their student. The feedback I received from parents who attended both webinars was incredibly positive. Thank you, Dr. Brenner!"

-Michelle McAnaney

Founder, The College Spy

"Andrea Brenner‘s webinar for my community of parents of high school students was so well received that I’m still getting requests for the recording. Andrea’s knowledge about what college freshman face, from years of experience on college campuses, made parents really pay attention. Her recommendations for what parents could do while their kids are in high school were valuable and easy to implement. I highly recommend engaging Andrea to present a webinar to any group of parents whose children are going to be attending college."  

-Dale Troy

Creator, Crush College Stress, LLC 

Administrator, College Parent Support Community Facebook Group

“Dr. Brenner presents critical information in a way that is incisive and data-driven but with a soft and inspiring touch. Calling on her many years as a sociologist, university administrator, parent educator, and as a parent herself, she makes listeners pause and think about their own roles in facilitating the transition to independence -- but leaves audience members with strategies for how to optimize that process, strengthen those relationships, and set young adults up for success. Since the college process isn't just about a kid getting into school and deciding where to attend, having Andrea's perspective is invaluable in promoting growth and seeing the bigger picture.”

-Annie Vinik

Educational Consultant, Vinik Educational Placement Services

“Working with Dr. Brenner helps both students and parents demystify the college transition process.  Understanding the differences that matter between high school and  college and how to navigate them reduces the stress and increases the opportunity for success for the entire family.  Dr. Brenner’s practical experience with thousands of students is evident in her guidance to parents and students alike.   Her conversation prompts, areas to focus for student skill-development and advice on transitioning roles are invaluable, especially for first-time college freshman and their families.”

-Debbie Rosen

Founder and Owner, The StudyPro Executive Function Center


"We, the Whitman community, were so fortunate to have Andrea Brenner speak with both our parents and students last May before our seniors began their college experiences. She is an excellent speaker who is keenly aware of the challenges first year college students inevitably face. She is able to ease the anxiety with her deep knowledge of high school students and the world of college. Her book, How to College, is very thorough and informative and no stone is left unturned. A must read for every senior and his/her parents!"

-Kari Wislar

Resource Counselor, Walt Whitman High School

"Professors Brenner and Schwartz provide critical information to help students successfully navigate college. During an hour-long session, the professors provided our students with information on a range of topics from proactively utilizing professor office hours and deciphering a syllabus, to understanding the difference between high school and college writing requirements, and so much more. With their wonderful anecdotes and insights, Professor Brenner and Professor Schwartz have armed our students with useful, timely, and practical information that will serve them well as they become the first in their families to attend college.”

-Jennifer Schwartz

Counselor, Collegiate Directions, Inc.

"Working with Andrea to organize a panel for parents about University admissions was an absolute delight. There were a lot of moving parts and players, and she was so calm, collaborative, creative, and on top of every detail.  She was also an excellent presenter! She made my job so much easier and I would love to work with her again."

-Aviva Goldfarb,

writer and marketing/events expert


“When I first met Andrea Brenner many years ago, I knew instantly that she was a ‘diamond in the rough.’ She was hired to work as an academic tutor, but quickly rose to become one of my most intuitive, creative and effective tutors. She created programming, that was non-existent at the time, to help students become more effective with their executive functioning skills. I knew that she would be able to excel at helping any and all of her students by encouraging them to gain confidence and become more effective learners.”

-Jill A. Broder

Jill Broder's Tutoring Center

"Dr. Brenner was the primary designer of our American University Experience (AUx) curriculum, the cornerstone of the undergraduate curriculum for all AU first-year students. She also designed and delivered all of the related curricular and pedagogy trainings to dozens of instructors, which I had the privilege of observing. In my 11 years at AU, I have never witnessed a more talented and authentic leader of faculty development seminars and workshops. She has a unique ability to capture a room and create a space for faculty to fully engage with difficult material. She inspires trust from and instills confidence in faculty (both new and experiences), while simultaneously pushing instructors to excel in the classroom."
-Jessica L. Waters

Dean of Undergraduate Education, American University

“I had the privilege of working as a co-curriculum designer with Dr. Andrea Brenner. I had an extremely positive and productive couple years under her leadership of the American University Experience, a mandatory first-year curriculum program. Andrea brings the same humane and emotionally intelligent touch to innovating and creating curriculum as she does to students, the faculty and staff she trains, as well as colleagues and collaborators. She juggled an endlessly complex array of constituents, often-conflicting interests, and her own class that she was pilot-teaching, with admirable organization, real creativity, and a sense of humor. I’ve never met anyone who gets the unique needs and psychology of first-year college students as well as Andrea does.”

-Angie Chuang

Associate Professor of Journalism and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies

University of Colorado Boulder

"Dr. Andrea Malkin Brenner served as the key note speaker for the DC Chapter of the American College Personal Association Annual Conference in December 2018. She gave an engaging talk to our participants which incorporated her research and experience with the themes of our conference. Her talk left our participants with relevant questions and ideas to consider throughout the day of the conference as they attended other sessions. Dr. Brenner received top scores on our post-conference surveys when asked about their satisfaction with the keynote speaker. We would absolutely recommend Dr. Andrea Malkin Brenner to others who are looking for a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and inspiring speaker."
-Lauren Wagoner

DCCPA Executive Board Member

Associate Director, McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University

“Dr. Brenner is a highly engaged, passionate individual with exceptional vision. She leads by simultaneously setting high expectations for the pursuit of excellence in teaching and advising and creating a values driven culture of compassion, empathy and integrity that fosters community and collaboration. I cannot speak highly enough of my own personal experience under her leadership. At the end of the day, she inspires with her drive and desire to have impact. She makes each individual feel like they are a part of something much bigger than themselves by communicating her trust and belief in their skills and abilities."

-Wim Taylor

First-Year Instructor and Advisor, American University

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