Testimonials: High School Audiences

“Working with Dr. Brenner helps both students and parents demystify the college transition process.  Understanding the differences that matter between high school and  college and how to navigate them reduces the stress and increases the opportunity for success for the entire family.  Dr. Brenner’s practical experience with thousands of students is evident in her guidance to parents and students alike.   Her conversation prompts, areas to focus for student skill-development and advice on transitioning roles are invaluable, especially for first-time college freshman and their families.”

-Debbie Rosen, Founder, Parent Advocate and Head of Business Operations, The Study Pro


"We, the Whitman community, were so fortunate to have Andrea Brenner speak with both our parents and students last May before our seniors began their college experiences. She is an excellent speaker who is keenly aware of the challenges first year college students inevitably face. She is able to ease the anxiety with her deep knowledge of high school students and the world of college. Her book, How to College, is very thorough and informative and no stone is left unturned. A must read for every senior and his/her parents!"

-Kari Wislar, M.Ed., Resource Counselor, Walt Whitman High School

"Professors Brenner and Schwartz provide critical information to help students successfully navigate college. During an hour-long session, the professors provided our students with information on a range of topics from proactively utilizing professor office hours and deciphering a syllabus, to understanding the difference between high school and college writing requirements, and so much more. With their wonderful anecdotes and insights, Professor Brenner and Professor Schwartz have armed our students with useful, timely, and practical information that will serve them well as they become the first in their families to attend college.”

 -Jennifer Schwartz, JD, Counselor, Collegiate Directions, Inc.

"Working with Andrea to organize a panel for parents about University admissions was an absolute delight. There were a lot of moving parts and players, and she was so calm, collaborative, creative, and on top of every detail.  She was also an excellent presenter! She made my job so much easier and I would love to work with her again."

-Aviva Goldfarb, writer and marketing/events expert


“When I first met Andrea Brenner many years ago, I knew instantly that she was a ‘diamond in the rough.’ She was hired to work as an academic tutor, but quickly rose to become one of my most intuitive, creative and effective tutors. She created programming, that was non-existent at the time, to help students become more effective with their executive functioning skills. I knew that she would be able to excel at helping any and all of her students by encouraging them to gain confidence and become more effective learners.”

-Jill A. Broder, M.Ed., Jill Broder's Tutoring Center