Talking College™ Cards

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Which conversations will help prepare high school graduates and their parents for a successful transition to college? Introducing the Talking College™ Cards, the original discussion prompts for college-bound students and their parents or guardians. 


Created by Andrea Malkin Brenner, PhD, and building on the experiences of faculty, staff, and families, Talking College™ cards provide prompts for the most important pre-college discussions about "adulting."

The deck includes 279 conversation prompts covering 11 different themes: The Big Questions, Family Expectations, Money, Safety, Health, Academics, Spirituality, Self-Care, Drugs and Alcohol, Getting Involved, and Relationships.


Every theme in the Talking College™ deck consists of three types of discussion prompts: those to be led by the parent/guardian; those to be led by the college-bound student; and those where the dialogue should be co-led.

  Talking College™ Cards will: 


 •Encourage PARENTS to share their expectations, provide

  guidance, and communicate support;


 •Help new STUDENTS engage in dialogue and gain confidence

  in their independent decision-making; and

 •Assist COLLEGES by preparing incoming students for the

  realities of campus life