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Andrea Malkin Brenner, PhD


Andrea Malkin Brenner, PhD is a college transition educator and author who travels across the country to speak with high school students and parents on the challenges related to college transitions. She draws on her 25 years of experience as a college professor, as the creator and director of American University’s first-year experience program, and as the faculty director of the college’s University College program. Andrea has received multiple awards for her teaching and program design.

Andrea is the creator of the Talking College™ card deck, the original card deck of discussion prompts for college-bound students and their parents (available in English and Spanish),

co-creator of the Talking College™ Campus Visits card deck,

and co-author of How to College: What to Know Before You Go (and When You’re There) (Macmillan), a student-facing book that guides high school graduates through their transition to college.

Dr. Brenner has written about college transition challenges for Grown & Flown, HuffPost, Salon, The Conversation, CampusESP, The Seed, College Scoops, Collegiate Parent, The College Spy, LINK for Counselors, and the Curiosity Vine (see writing tab). She frequently appears as a guest on podcasts focused on the college transition process (see podcast appearances tab). 



Dr. Brenner has worked for years to guide high school students and their parents through the transition to college, preparing both groups to thrive as they adapt to new experiences.


Talking College™ Cards (English and
Spanish editions)

The original discussion prompts for college-bound students and their parents/guardians

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How to College

The first practical guide of its kind that helps students transition smoothly from high school to college

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